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Trees communicate with each other

UBC Foresty Professor Suzanne Simard is a forest ecologist whose research focuses on how organisms living in soil – like fungi – help trees establish and grow. Some fungi live inside the roots of trees and form mycorrhizas (literally “fungus-roots”). These fungi help trees acquire nutrients and water from the soil in exchange for carbon.

In 1997, Simard was part of a team of researchers that discovered that trees were connected to one another through an underground web of mycorrhizal fungi. This network allows trees to communicate by transferring carbon, nutrients and water to one another.

Simard also helped identify something called a hub tree, or “Mother Tree.” Mother trees are the largest trees in forests that act as central hubs for vast below ground mycorrhizal networks. They support young trees or seedlings by infecting them with fungi and ferrying them the nutrients they need to grow.

London views

Endless streams of rushing people
Quickly moving at frantic pace
Minding the gap
Minding their phones
Minding their kindles and their books
But not minding their own mind at all.

By all means mind the gap – the one between thoughts
And find the silence amidst the noise
The stillness behind the movement.

How wonderful!

Visiting Bodhicharya Kent

Tuesday, 15th October, 2013
“Meditation and Mind Training” with Tsering Paldron

Tsering PaldronAs well as providing meditation instruction for beginners and those who already have some familiarity with meditation, we have asked Tsering to teach on Mind Training as we are currently using a book by Ringu Tulku on Mind Training (known as Lojong in Tibetan) to provide some structure, continuity and perspective to our meditation evenings.

Lojong (Mind Training)

“Lojong is not simply a mental exercise or a new intellectual approach, it is a profound education. It creates a radical change in our usual pattern of thinking. The meditation instructions and advice are plain and straightforward. This is a practice for ordinary life. There is no complexity or formality involved. No special ability is needed. Anyone can train their mind. The wisdom of these slogans is not exclusive to Buddhism. It is universal and goes beyond any particular religion.” Ringu Tulku.

More information here

Tsering will also be teaching at the Bodhicharya London Day Retreat on Saturday, 12th October.

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